Generation Overview

Providing clean, affordable power with an eye towards a better tomorrow.

Through our Seward and Ebensburg stations, we deliver affordable energy with positive environmental impact to homes throughout the Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New Jersey area. The CFB technology deployed at these facilities allows us to clean up the environmental damage left throughout Western Pennsylvania from early mining practices. Turning refuse piles that were previously only a liability to local ecosystems into an abundant source of fuel to power our homes.

Our Sunbury Generation is an example of how the energy market in America is changing. It is the site of one of the largest coal to natural gas conversions in the country to date. Once a coal fired plant challenged to meet the demands of environmental compliance, it is now home to a modern combined cycle natural gas plant with state of the art emission controls. The team responsible for developing the conversion project, Arcova, continues to service the rapidly changing industry by utilizing their expertise to develop new projects.

Associated Companies


Coal to gas conversions
 EPC Management
 Deep understanding of power markets
 Talented and experienced team


50MW CFB Plant
 Ebensburg, Pennsylvania
 Access to long-term fuel reserves
 Low cost solid fuel plant


23MW Peaker Plant
Development opportunities
 KOEZ Zone tax benefits
 Access to low cost natural gas and energy