Colver Green Energy

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141 Interpower Drive
Colver, PA 15927


Colver Green Energy is a 110-megawatt power plant located in Colver, Pennsylvania. The plant utilizes circulating fluidized bed (CFB) technology to force hot air and limestone into a boiler that burns low quality refuse coal removed from long-abandoned coal piles located throughout Western Pennsylvania. The limestone in the boiler captures sulfur dioxide emissions in a controlled fashion rather than the free release that occurs over time when abandoned refuse piles spontaneously combust at the mine sites.  The combustion in CFB boilers also occurs at a much lower temperature, which greatly reduces NOx emissions and gives this technology significant environmental advantages over traditional solid fuel plants.

At full load operation the CFB process at the Colver facility remediates over 700,000 tons per year of waste material from local abandoned mine lands and captures 95%-99% of all emissions that would have been created by letting the abandoned coal piles burn in place. The process brings environmental benefits the region in terms of air and water quality, and mitigates the public safety risks inherent to abandoned coal sites. The Colver facility generates enough electricity to power 130,000 homes.

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