Transportation Overview

Our transportation fleet has years of experience in the handling and transportation of raw materials throughout Pennsylvania.

We excel in the transportation of coal, limestone, and other raw materials from mines to sites across Western Pennsylvania. With a combined fleet of over 180 trucks, operating in a 10-county region of Western and Central PA, we are experienced in the safe and expedient transportation of a variety of materials.

With four locations in Cresson, Clearfield, Munster and Rockwood, Pennsylvania, High Country Motors and Carbon Direct are two vital parts of our larger operations. These companies provide experienced raw material transportation, as well as expert custom fabrication and maintenance work.

Associated Companies

Company Overview

Founded in 2012
Locations in Cresson,  Clearfield, and Rockwood, PA
180 trucks spread over 3 locations, including
tri-axles, dump trailers and pneumatic trailers
7 full time mechanics
Carbon Direct travels over 8 million miles per year

Company Overview

Acquired in 2014
Located, in Munster, PA
11 Truck Fleet
Bulk coal and limestone transportation
10 full time mechanics serving the
Carbon Direct fleet as well other trucking entities