Metallurgical Coal

Metallurgical Coal Overview

Our team provides superior products with premier service.

Our mining portfolio is aimed at providing niche products to serve the steel industry. We focus on reserves with excellent metallurgical quality characteristics and rely on our team of experienced operators to provide first class service. An extensive reserve base of high-quality coals allows us to be a reliable long-term partner to steel producers around the world.

In addition to our coking coal assets, we offer premium anthracite coal through our Lehigh Anthracite Coal affiliate. Lehigh Anthracite mine is the largest surface mining permit in Pennsylvania. This historic site has been updated with modern technology, including a state-of-the-art mining equipment, making Lehigh Anthracite a premiere anthracite coal provider.

Associated Companies

Company Overview

Low-Vol Coking Coal
Underground Mining
Johnstown, Pennsylvania
500,000 tons/year

Company Overview

Premium Anthracite
Surface Mining
Tamaqua, Pennsylvania
400,000 tons/year

Company Overview

Mid-Vol Coking Coal
Surface Mining
Clearfield, Pennsylvania
750,000 tons/year